A buffalo in India. Image for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Shutterstock

A 35-year-old man in India brought his buffalo to the administrative headquarters and tied it to the car of a deputy tax officer because he was allegedly demanding a bribe of Rs 25,000 (Dh1,288) from him.

The incident took place in Sironj a city and a municipality in Vidisha district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, after the man, Bhupendra Singh got tired of delays in processing his family land records and being asked to pay bribes, according to a report by news magazine India Today's website.

“I have been running behind the naib tehsildar [deputy tax officer] for the past six months as we want to settle the land records of the family but he refuses to do my job till I don't pay him the money. I don’t have the money and the only valued possession with me is my buffalo so I tied it to his car,” Singh was quoted as saying.

The officer, identified as Sidharth Singhal, however, denied the charges and claimed that Singh was doing it for publicity.

According to India Today, when Singhal was asked about Singh’s pending settlement of family land records, he remained silent.

Singh also wrote a memorandum to the state chief minister and handed the same to the sub-divisional magistrate, however he was eventually convinced to take his buffalo and return home.

The sub-divisional magistrate, Sanjay Jain accepted that he received the memorandum and stated that the Singh’s allegations against the Singhal are being looked into.