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Dubai: Social media users were shocked by reports of an Indian man strangling his father and chopping him into 25 pieces.

The 22-year-old Delhi-based man was identified as Aman Agarwal in media reports. While news reports provided conflicting reasons behind the argument, police statements clarified that Agarwal strangled his father Sandesh Agarwal in a fit of rage and then chopped his body in at least 25 pieces. He then stuffed the body parts in four bags. He was arrested by the police as he was about to leave with a friend to scatter the parts in different areas of the city.

According to Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, Sandesh Agarwal’s brother Adesh Agarwal, who lives nearby became suspicious when he came to his brother’s home and was unable to find him.

After the excuses provided by Aman to his uncle did not satisfy him, he called the police, who arrived shortly afterwards.

When the policeman opened the first bag, they found Sandesh’s head in it, Sandesh is quoted as saying in the report.

The news was shared widely on social media with many users shoked at the barbaric nature of the crime.

Tweep @plumpernickel wrote: “WHAT is wrong with people. Also, his parents named him, ‘Aman’ (Peace). High hopes indeed!”

Another tweep @rahulb724 commented on news reports that stated that the argument was over money: “Shame on humanity... what is the benefit of that money which doesn’t include our family ... he should be hanged till death.”

Another Twitter user @iSumeshNair wrote: “Humans are being brutal. Seriously, he chopped off his father who gave him birth. Sad.”