Pedder Road
Image Credit: Screenshot from Twitter

Dubai: How far would you go to catch a cheating spouse? This week, a woman in the Indian city of Mumbai caused a brief traffic jam, when she chased after her husband’s car, after she spotted a female co-passenger in his car. Suspecting that they were having an affair, she blocked his car and climbed atop the bonnet, shouting at the two. Videos of the incident that took place on Pedder Road on Saturday, went viral on social media, yesterday.

The viral video shows the enraged woman standing in front of a luxury SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). At one point she was seen hurling one of her shoes at the windscreen, and climbing up the bonnet of the car, as she asked the female co-passenger to step out.

Reportedly, the angry woman had tailed the car her husband was driving, and forced him to stop in the middle of the road.

A traffic jam ensued as the couple's fight played out in public view. Traffic policemen were seen trying to calm her down, and regulate traffic, asking onlookers to move on.

The video had many tweeps in splits.

Tweep @ArjXaki posted: “In this corona crisis, my city has different kind of problems.”

Initially the husband refused to step out of the car. But after he stepped out she walked with him, only after flinging a kick at him.

@VParamaguru1 tweeted: “See, the husband is not coming out of the car. Safe game.”

While many found the scene funny, some sympathised with the wife for being emotionally hurt, and others lauded the cops for trying to bring the situation under control.

According to Indian news reports, the traffic police issued an e-challan (fine) to the woman, for leaving her vehicle in the middle of the road and obstructing traffic, to chase her husband. Reports also say that the traffic police took the three of them, and the two vehicles to Gamdevi Police station later.