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Right before dying, Ravinder Singh, a 28-year-old cop in Haryana, did one last act of duty that led to the arrest of his murderer - he scribbled the vehicle registration number of the accused on his hand.

Haryana Police confirmed on July 6 that five of the six accused in the murder of two on-duty policemen in the Sonipat district last week have been arrested. The sixth was killed by police in Jind district.

Ravinder’s scribble on his palm helped identify the murderers.

The number was noticed during post-mortem and gave the police constable's colleagues a crucial lead in solving both his murder and that of Special Police Officer Kaptan Singh, 43 years.

"It was basic policing skill that our brave Constable Ravinder Singh displayed before losing his life. He had scribbled the vehicle number on his hand, which was noticed during the post-mortem," Manoj Yadava, Haryana police chief, was quoted as saying by NDTV, India-based television news channel.

He also said that Ravinder would be recommended for a posthumous police medal.

Ravinder and Kaptan were found lying in a pool of blood last Tuesday, June 30.

Initial police investigation suggested that the policemen encountered the accused drinking in a car parked on the side of the Sonipat-Jind road near the Butana Police Station after the curfew hours.

The encounter led to an argument and the policemen were attacked with sharp weapons.

After the attack, the accused sped off in their vehicle, while Ravinder scribbled the registration number on his palm right before dying.