A five-month old infant died in a fire due to short circuit at RENS children's hospital. Image Credit: ANI

Hyderabad: A five-month-old infant died and four children were injured in a fire that broke out in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of RENS children's hospital in Hyderabad's LB Nagar area on October 21.

According to officials, around 2 am, a fire broke out in the NICU ward on the third floor. It soon spread all over and affected the incubators in which at least six newborns were kept under observation. A five-month-old child in an incubator was burnt alive, while other children received injuries.

On receiving the information fire tenders and police immediately reached the hospital.

"The cause of the fire is suspected to be a short circuit. One child died and four children were injured. The rescued children were shifted to another hospital," said area police.

Ramchander Rao, Member of Telangana Legislative Council said: "This is the second incident at this particular hospital. There must be an inquiry against all nursing hospitals. How are officials granting licenses to such hospitals that violate the rules and are not employing trained workers? The government must take responsibility."

Shaik Moin, a witness told ANI: "We came to admit our child suffering from dengue at RENS Hospital around 2:30 am. When we reached the hospital, parents were taking out their injured children. No hospital personnel was available."