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For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Kadapa: In an amusing incident, a garment shop in Mydukur town of Kadapa district here has been receiving a special guest every day for the past six months.

Interestingly, a cow has made it a habit to daily visit 'Sri Sairam cloth showroom' here, rest under the fan for about two to three hours and be on its way.

According to the shop owner P Obaiah, the cow barged into the shop one day in the summers and rested for about two to three hours before leaving.

"At first we were bewildered with the cow entering our shop. We tried to send it away but the animal did not budge. The cow took shelter for a few hours and later it left on its own," Obaiah said.

Since then, the cow has made it a habit to come into the shop every day.

"The animal has made it a daily practice to come to our shop now. At first, we thought that it will affect our business. But the sales have actually increased. Interestingly, the cow has never spoiled the shop premises," the shop owner said.

Obaiah's wife, on the other hand, considers the cow visiting the shop a good omen and has started offering puja to the cow.