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After facemasks made out of gold and silver became popular in India last month, now, diamond studded versions have emerged a hit amongst those who can afford them, local news outlets reported on July 11.

The bejewelled contraptions were introduced by a jewellery shop in Surat, in the Indian state of Gujarat, and range between prices equivalent to Dh7,330 and Dh19,547.

Dipak Choksi, owner of the jewellery store said that he got the idea after a customer who had a wedding to prepare for, came to the shop and demanded for unique masks for the bride and groom.

"As lockdown was lifted, a customer who had a wedding at his home came to our shop, and demanded unique masks for the bride and groom. So, we assigned our designers to create masks, which the customer later bought. After this, we made a wide range of these masks as people will require them in coming days. Pure diamonds and American diamonds have been used with gold to make these masks," Choksi was quoted as saying

"Yellow gold has been used in the masks along with American diamonds, and they cost Rs150,000 (Dh7,330). Another mask which is made with white gold and real diamonds costs Rs400,000 (Dh19,547)," he added.

American diamonds are also known as Cubic Zirconia.

The shop owner said that the cloth used to make the base of the masks is chosen according to the protective guidelines the Indian government has issued against coronavirus.

He said the diamonds and gold from these masks can be taken out as per the wish of customers and be used for making other jewellery items in the future.

Social media users were quick to react to the fancy protective gear.

Tweep @Peacelover65 wrote: "#coronavirus How to convert a crisis, [into] an opportunity? How to be cheerful even during difficult times? Ask Indians... first a mask of gold... and now diamond fitted ones..."

Twitter user @Chaital30735188 highlighted the disparity between different segments of the Indian population: "Economic divide clearly visible. Some people can't afford reusable masks but some want custom made diamond studded ones."

This is not the first time luxurious facemasks have been purchased in India during the coronavirus outbreak. Recently, a man named Shankar Kurade in Pune bought himself a mask made of gold worth Dh14,200.

Similarly, a jeweller based in Karnataka, Sandeep Sagaonkar, added silver masks to his wedding collection after noticing a demand amongst brides and grooms.