New Delhi: The stars may not be shining for actor Sanjay Dutt on the political front. Prominent astrologers and tarot card readers have warned that politics does not bode well as a career for the Bollywood actor.

"His Jupiter is not strong and I do not see him getting into power and if he, by any chance, manages to win, it will bring him a bad reputation. Otherwise things are very good for him. He is an entertainer and should stick to only that," astrologer Ajay Bhambi said.

"He is a blue-eyed boy of the industry. In spite of doing so many wrong things in life, he is still loved by everyone. He is the hero of the common man as he has come out victorious from the hardships that he has faced all through his life," he said.

"But dabbling in politics will do no good to his image," Bhambi added.

The astrologer was referring to Dutt's chequered personal life which has seen him battle drug addiction and being convicted for arms possession in the 1993 Mumbai blasts.