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Hassan Hajjaj and 81 Designs collaborated for a unique project. His works were recreated by Palestinian women refugees in traditional tatreez embroidery


A community with a history stretching back millenniums is steadily running out of living members in the Uzbek city

WKR 180416 JAPAN 1

Eugenic Protection Law subjected 16,500 people to forced sterilisation and was aimed at eliminating ‘inferior’ children


WKR_Fakir Khana Museum

A conversation with Fakir Syed Saifuddin, the director of the family-run Fakir Khana Museum in the Pakistani city, turns out to be a valuable lesson in history

John Oliver

A foul-mouthed Brit with ‘a fifth-grade understanding of American politics’, John Oliver talks about the secret to satire

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Facial recognition is the new hot tech topic in the country. Banks, airports, hotels and even public toilets are all trying to verify people’s identities