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It’s reliability and manoeuvrability have made the ubiquitous light-weight truck the battle vehicle of choice worldwide


Instead of finding a system eager to put their talents to use, medical professionals have to deal with a complicated accreditation system

Photograph of the Taj Mahal taken by Samuel Bourne in the 1860s Source Wikimedia Commons

Indian authorities are prepared to spruce up the famous monument and restore its ancient hue — if they can figure out just which shade of pale it really was


Alan Mathie

Part detective, part sleuth, Alan Mathie is a man on a mission, He’s a master molecatcher by day, and transforms into heavy rock bass player at night


A conversation with Balkrishna Doshi, the 90-year-old architect who became the first ever Indian winner of the architecture world’s most prestigious award

Moments of togetherness, Trupti Jain with husband Biplab Paul

Naireeta Services, a social enterprise co-founded by Trupti Jain, is providing sustainable water management solutions for drought-affected smallholders