Dubai weather clear day
According to UAE's National Center of Meteorology, Friday is going to be fair to partly cloudy. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: if you’re heading outdoors today or are planning a road trip, the weather forecast is favourable for such activities.

The National Center of Meteorology states that Friday is going to be fair to partly cloudy.

Rough seas were reported near the coast. The NCM issued a yellow warning for residents to be on the look out.

Convective clouds might bring rainfall towards Ras Al Khaimah and nearby areas. We advise residents to carry an umbrella as a precaution.

Strong winds might blow over some parts of the country, adding freshness to the weather and can make it slightly chilly in the evenings.

Temperatures are expected to be low today and will come down further as the December solstice begins on Sunday.

High temperatures will range from 19°C to 24°C across the emirates.