Will rainy weather continue on Thursday and over the weekend? Image Credit: Stock image

UAE residents can expect an inclement weather today, there is a chance of rainfall in Northern areas so always bring your umbrella when going outdoors.

Today’s weather condition, according to the National Centre of Meteorology, will be fair to partly cloudy becoming cloudy at times over the sea, islands and some Northern areas with a chance of light rainfall. Motorists are advised to drive slowly due to slippery roads when wet.

Temperatures tend to decrease slightly. It is humid by night and Saturday morning Eastward.

We can expect some light to moderate winds becoming gradually fresh Northwesterly by afternoon and strong at times over the sea, might cause blowing sand and dust in suspension over the far Western areas.

Sea state
Sea state Image Credit: NCM/Instagram

The sea is predicted to be moderate to rough, becoming very rough at times in the Arabian Gulf and moderate in Oman

Current temperature in Dubai is 26 °C.

The maximum temperature in the country is expected to be between 22 and 26 °C. And, the lowest will be between 9 and 13 °C.