Hot weather Dubai
Image for illustrative purpose Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Stepping outdoors during the daytime today? You might feel that the weather is hotter than the official temperature reading. Here is why...

According to the National Center of Meteorology the humidity across the UAE will be high today.

In a previous Gulf News report, an NCM official explained that while the temperatures are high across the UAE, the heat index or the “feeling temperature” might be higher depending on other weather conditions, especially the humidity and wind.

He said: “In simple terms, during summers, the air temperature across the UAE is already very high. On days when the relative humidity is also very high, we might feel like the temperature outdoors is much higher than it is.”

Temperatures across the country are expected to reach highs of 41-44°C in internal areas like Al Ain, and 38-43°C in coastal areas like Dubai and Sharjah. The Relative Humidity in Dubai at 8am was around 70 per cent. 

According to the NCM, humidity is expected to increase as the day progresses, touching highs of 85 per cent in coastal areas and 75 per cent in internal areas, by night.

So, if the temperature reading is 39°C during the day time, it may feel like 42°C, four to five degrees warmer than the actual reading. At night, the "feels like" temperature will be two to three degrees higher.

Humidity is expected to remain high during the early hours on Friday, reuslting in a probability of mist formation over some coastal areas.

Light to moderate winds is expected to blow dust at times across the country. The wind is expected to blow in the Southeasterly to Northeasterly direction, mostly at the speed of 10-25 km/hr.

The sea is expected to be relatively calm, both in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea, according to the NCM.