Motiorists and residents braving the wind and sand storm in UAE. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: It will not rain but light to moderate winds will prevail and there will be an expected gradual increase in temperature this week, a spokesperson from the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) told Gulf News on Tuesday.

Wednesday’s forecast is humid in the morning with probability of mist formation over some internal and coastal areas, particularly in the northern emirates.

The weather will be generally fair to partly cloudy, with northwesterly to northeasterly winds reaching up to 35 km/hr. The seas, however, will be moderate to slight in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea, according to the NCM.

Residents will experience a slight increase in temperatures on Thursday and it will again be humid with a chance of fog formation over some internal and coastal areas.

It will also be fair to partly cloudy at night and the wind is expected to cooler air as it moves in from the east, with speed between 18–30 km/hr, reaching up to 38 km/hr.

The mercury will again slightly rise on Friday but it will be generally partly cloudy to cloudy westwards – another increase in temperatures. The Southeasterly to Northeasterly winds, will be freshening at times, with average speed between 18–30 km/hr.

Saturday will be slightly hazy and hot by daytime but will be cloudy at times westward. Southeasterly to Northeasterly winds will again be freshening at times, with top speed