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A combo picture of the students with their teacher lookalikes. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: At first glance, some might think they are mothers and daughters twinning their outfits and accessories. Some might also wonder if those are recreations of childhood images. But these are a bunch of students of an Indian school in Dubai who transformed themselves into lookalikes of their teachers in a special Teachers’ Day tribute video.

The video was posted on Twitter by GEMS Our Own Indian School (OOIS) on Monday. “The prefects of OIS MSG [Middle School Girls] tried to twin with their teachers to show that they are the reflection of their loving role models. A fantastic one ... Excellent dear students,” the school posted while sharing the video.

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Lalitha Suresh, principal of the school, told Gulf News that it was a loving gesture from the students. “But to be honest, the children are what we are, aren’t they? They are truly our reflection. We as teachers are fortunate that we have such loving students with a special bonding with us.”

Nisha Lal, MSG section coordinator, who helped the students with the photos of their teachers for the Teachers’ Day special online assembly, said the challenge was to choose photos of teachers in outfits that the students already had.

With a lot of online discussions and planning, 26 prefects from grade 8 came out with the video twinning themselves with the principal, headmistress, supervisor and 23 teachers, including a newly joined male teacher, by using matching outfits, accessories and poses.

According to Lal, limited editing was done to match the hair colour and some prints in clothes in some photos and to draw the moustache and beard in the case of the male teacher. “Parents supported a lot in making this happen. Some students looked incredibly similar to some of the teachers. Teachers were extremely happy to see this surprise. They never expected something like this. They also felt that the students looked like their children or they were seeing their childhood photos.”

Corona warrior’s tribute

While the mini doppelgangers among the current students enthralled the teachers, several members of the school alumni also shared videos expressing their love and gratitude to the teachers of yesteryears who helped shape their future. “It is always touching to see them appreciating their teachers. They are where they are today because of what the school has given them, as a trampoline to jump into their future studies and careers,” said Suresh.

While many former students were vocal in thanking their teachers, one of them, currently a doctor, sent a video of her dance tribute to the teachers from a corona special ward in India. Thanking the former head girl Dr. Nikitha Pillai, a lecturer at Kempegowda Institute of Medicine Sciences, Bengaluru, the school posted: “Thank you Nikitha. We are proud of our students who are COVID warriors too.”