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Many people are going away on holiday now that summer is here.

But what about your loving, loyal pets? Where are they going on holiday? Are you going to take them on a one-way trip to the vet's table so that you can come back home alone? I doubt it would help you enjoy your vacation.

During the holiday period, why is it that animals are always the ones to suffer because of people's irresponsibility?

Some pets receive the worst treatment from their owners — they are given up to the vet, not to be euthanised due to illness, but to be killed despite being healthy.

If you know that you are going away soon, prepare by looking for another loving, permanent home for your pet.

Otherwise, contact the animal welfare groups in the region for advice — not just for a place to abandon your pet, but for valid information. Another option is to take photographs of your pet and put up the animal's story online, in local newspapers or magazines so that interested parties can contact you.

Nowadays, the media is a willing contributor in the protection of animals. These creatures are citizens of the planet, just like us, and should be treated how we expect to be treated.

I would also love to share that since November 2009, with less than four active people, Friends of Animals has rehomed over 150 dogs. This has been done without super powers or complicated equations — just with the belief that we can make a difference.

The era of savage pet ownership is over. Current times and technology offer us a wide range of possibilities to find the right solution and the right new home for each loving animal.

Please do not contact us just because you are looking for an easy way to dump your pet. Contact us for support and guidance to help you help an important member of your family, on www.friendsofanimalsdxb.com.

— The reader is the founder of the Friends of Animals group

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