Umm Al Quwain: Colonel Obaid Ali Bin Fadhil, Deputy Director of the Police Stations Department at Umm Al Quwain, thanked members of the public for their cooperation and quick response in helping find a student who went missing in the emirate on Monday.

Colonel Bin Fadhil said Umm Al Quwain Police received a report last night stating that the student, Saeed Ahmad Salem, was nowhere to be found after he left school. The police immediately alerted security patrols.

He said the student, who carried a mobile phone to school, would use the phone during classes. On that day, the school administration confiscated the phone from him and informed his guardians.

The student did not want to go home after school for fear of being reprimanded, So he went to a mosque near the school. At 7pm, he went to a grocery shop where one of his classmates and his mother saw him. They immediately informed the police.

Colonel Bin Fadhil said the boy’s father did not inform the police immediately. He appealed to parents to take good care of their children, understand their concerns and mood swings and deal with them in a wise manner.