Closing ceremony of UAE Innovation at Dubai Mall. Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Dubai: In celebration of the UAE Innovation Month, the UAE community has enjoyed learning about a range of unique projects presented by government entities during an event, which took place from February 22-28 at City Walk.

Dubai Municipality showcased a number of its innovative and unique projects, and presented their involvement in the design and construction of the city’s future through their plans to build an educative organisation based on creativity and innovation, and to provide smart, easy and integrated solutions.

“Our participation in this event is based on strengthening and supporting the directives of our wise government, and the consolidation of the concepts of creativity and innovation in today’s generation the impact of which will follow with the next generation, whose role will be completing the process of thinking out of the box,” said Eng. Ahmad Saeed Al Badwawi, Director of Knowledge and Innovation Department.

The Municipality offered a variety of interactive platforms, including Virtual Reality Dome 360, which enables 3D virtual reality experiences to attract and educate the public on Dubai’s major challenges such as waste recycling, green spaces, future cities, and 3D printed buildings. They also provided digital videos that reveal the latest innovation projects in Dubai Municipality using visual effects such as waste-to-energy plant, the deep tunnel project, old Dubai market development projects. The Dubai Innovation Week Studio included professional speakers who shared their ideas and highlighted their major works with the public on the themes of creative ideas and urban innovations.

Meanwhile, the Roads and Transport Authority concluded the UAE Innovation Month by holding 16 innovative events and launching products in line with the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence and Dubai Smart City initiative.

The RTA exhibited the Automated Chat Robot (Mahboob), which responds to customer queries related to the timing of the Metro and Tram services, public transit means, journey planning and others.

It also exhibited the Smart Safety Bus at City Walk that boasts of smart and interactive edutainment features to educate students about traffic safety. Exhibits included Nol card recharging devices using solar energy, and the smart innovation bus for registering suggestions of field staff such as drivers, inspectors, monitors and examiners. Events also included the Green Driving Journey showcasing vehicles powered by electricity and alternative energy as well as the air taxi.