Abu Dhabi: More than 150 families travelling to destinations such as Beirut, Amman, and Syria via Etihad Airways have been offered compensation of $200 (Dh734) per passenger, after being told there were no more seats available on their flights.

A family of five, who were supposed to fly to Beirut on Friday on flight number EY0537, were told that the plane was full.

"My wife, children and myself booked our tickets over a month ago and received confirmations on all five tickets," he said.

"We got to the airport two hours before the flight and were told that there were no more seats left. There were two other counters next to us with flights going to Amman and Syria, who were also told that their flights were full," Nabeel Zahrah, who works for an advertising and marketing company in Abu Dhabi, told Gulf News on Friday.

Etihad Airways sent Gulf News a statement saying: "Etihad regrets the inconvenience caused to passengers who were not able to be accommodated on their flight to EY0537. All passengers were offered accommodation, food and refreshments and have been rebooked on alternative flights."