Adhari Mohammed, Director of Human Resources and Development, RTA. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has completed the training and qualification of 1,000 students in a remote educational programme that started in November 2022 and ended in January 2023. The programme included diverse specialties such as electrical and electronic engineering, engineering technology, science, software engineering, civil engineering, computer science and cybersecurity.

“The training programme for 1,000 students targeted outstanding Emirati graduates to hone their skills in future majors needed by RTA to qualify them and enhance their capabilities. It also provides placements for outstanding graduates within RTA,” said Adhari Mohammed, Director of Human Resources and Development, RTA.

“RTA has set out a roadmap for the programme such that it will achieve the targeted results. We have coordinated with top universities and educational institutions, compiled the details of outstanding students, and listed the names of candidate students according to the current and future vital disciplines needed by the RTA. Then we listed the strategic partners in various specialised fields related to RTA. The specialised training programmes had been identified by partners namely Deutsche Bahn, International Association of Public Transport (UITP), International Road Federation (IRF), ERTICO, and Keolis-MHI,” she added.

27 engineering majors

The programme included 27 engineering and future disciplines that RTA needs such as software engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, information technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, and marketing. It also focused on areas of infrastructure, smart cities, railway operation, future foresight, asset management, cybersecurity, autonomous and smart transport, and project management. Students were selected from seven universities and public and private educational institutions.

Selection criteria

Specific criteria had been set for the selection of affiliated students. Mainly, students have to be citizens of the UAE, the field of study has to be within the disciplines needed RTA. They should have been graduates for not more than three years, and have achieved a GPA of 3.5 or more.

The programme contributes to attracting and qualifying specialised national competencies, investing in educating and qualifying students, creating job opportunities for fresh graduates by providing them with specialised job skills, creating a distinctive corporate reputation for RTA and attracting outstanding students.