Ras Al Khaimah: Al Faisal Street here suffered a two-hour power outage early on Sunday, affecting traffic flow.

Traffic lights on the key street were down which led to snarls during the rush hour.

A senior officer at the Traffic and Licensing Department said immediately after the power failure, police patrols took control of the major intersections on the road to allow free flow of traffic.

The officer said no accidents were reported during the two hours of power outage. Police said patrol officers had a tough time controlling the heavy traffic, but the congestion was quickly eased when more officers arrived to regulate the flow of vehicles.

Officials from the Emergency Department of the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (Fewa) said the outage was caused by technical failure in one of the feeder lines and power generator for the area.

Fewa officials later said the failure was rectified and admitted that more needs to be done to ensure better efficiency.

Residents complain

They said the department also received several complaints from residents of the area. All the complaints were promptly looked into and sorted out, the officials added.

Residents, however, said the power was restored only after about two hours. They said power supplies went off again for a short while after it was restored.

Several residents said they were woken up the power outage. They urged Fewa to fix the electric supply system in such a way that in future they would not be affected.