Many taxi drivers are rude and biased against some nationalities refusing to ferry people, alleged passengers
in Dubai.

They also alleged that many drivers refuse to transport them short distances or travel to congested areas like Deira and Sharjah during rush hours.

"No taxi driver can refuse a ride for a short distance," said Ammar Bin Tamim, Director of Dubai Taxi at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

He said passengers should complain to RTA if they have a bad experience with drivers or they are refused a ride. "We cannot take action unless passengers complain to us," he said.

In case of any complaints against drivers or suggestions, passengers can call Dubai Taxi on 04-2080888 or via RTA's website

In case of a first complaint, a driver gets a Dh300 fine, while
the second offence incurs a Dh500 fine. After the third complaint, a driver's service is terminated.

"We recently fired six drivers for refusing to take a passenger and for being rude," Bin Tamim said.