Dubai: After its successful launch on the Red Line, an educational video highlighting the rules and regulations governing behaviour of passengers on Dubai Metro will also be shown on the Green Line in September.

According to the Rail Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the campaign was launched last month to educate Metro users about the dos and don'ts applicable to the transport mode to help passengers avoid fines.

Ramadan Abdullah, Director of Rail Operations, at RTA Licensing Agency, said: "The video showcases a number of regulations and guidelines to be complied with, to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid offences, which are mostly attributed to passengers' poor knowledge about these guidelines.

"This prompted us to offer them ample opportunities to acquaint themselves with these regulations during their journeys so that they follow all guidelines including refraining from eating and drinking on trains, bringing pets, smoking and littering."

The two-minute video was shown in all 44 trains, on screens mounted in carriages. Through the video, passengers are also familiarised with the appropriate size of luggage, seating priorities for the elderly, those with special needs and women, and the proper practices of boarding and disembarking from trains in order to avoid disruption for other passengers.