26 schoolboys caught driving without a licence Image Credit: Xpress /danesh mohiuddin

Ajman: In a shocking development, children here have been found driving to school in their parents' cars, the principal of a girl's school alleged.

Shaikha Azza Al Nuaimi, Principal of Muzaire School for Girls, said pre-teen boys are a regular fixture on the roads, driving their parents' cars, obviously without a driving licence, for morning classes.

"A student used a pillow to sit on in order to view the road while driving his father's car," she said, noting that boys in Grade 6 complained their parents were too old to drive.

Shaikha Azza said she had called the police a year ago regarding these incidents, but added that they didn't intervene until last month, when 26 male students were caught driving without a licence. The boys' parents were asked to sign an undertaking that they [the children] wouldn't repeat the violation.

Teachers not spared

Students are also at risk from many of their own teachers who drive without a driving licence.

Shaikha Azza said a nine-year-old schoolgirl was run over by a vehicle driven by a teacher who didn't have a licence. The accident happened in the remote area of Muzaire in Ajman.

The accident proved to be a catalyst for police who stepped up patrols only to discover that a large number of teachers were driving without a licence.

Shaikha Azza said that 45 teachers from her school were found driving without a licence.

"I informed the police over a year ago, but no action was taken until a little girl was run over," she said.

Prior to the police action, Shaikha Azza had issued a circular banning all teachers who were driving without a licence from entering the school premises with their vehicles.

Col Sultan Al Nuaimi, Deputy Director of Ajman Police, said that those who were apprehended have signed undertakings stating that they will not repeat the offence.

Offenders caught driving without a licence a second time, he pledged, will be arrested and referred to the Prosecution.