A twisted door that got ripped off a van lies on the road in the aftermath of a deadly 30-vehicle smash-up along the Lehbab-Jebel Ali Road on Wednesday morning. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Foggy weather conditions led to a serious road accident, which left one person dead and several others injured, involving 20-30 vehicles along the Lehbab-Jebel Ali Road, police said yesterday.

A bus driver was killed while 38 others were injured.

According to Brigadier Anas Al Matroushi, Deputy Director of the Operations Room for Transportation and Rescue, tailgating and the foggy weather caused the accident. The first accident happened at 6.30am when a bus carrying around 30 labourers collided with a truck.

A few minutes later, a speeding cement truck rammed into the bus killing its driver and trappping its passengers

The accident caused a pile up of 20 to 30 vehicles, Al Matroushi said.

Four people were seriously injured, eight moderately, and 26 others sustained minor injuries.

Most of those who sustained moderate to serious injuries were passengers of the bus.

Hydraulic cutters

Rescuers had to use hydraulic equipment to free people trapped in the bus as well as in other vehicles involved in the smash-up.

"I urge the public to be extra cautious when driving in foggy conditions as accidents in such weather could lead to catastrophic crashes. Motorists must maintain safe distance between vehicles, put their lights on even if it's in the morning, and put off their headlights in case of an accident to indicate to the other vehicles," Al Matroushi said.

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