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Trade License Zone adds more leading brands to the initiative.

Trade License Zone and a collaboration of leading brands in the eCommerce space recently joined forces to launch an all-in-one solution for aspiring eCommerce business startups –

We are now delighted to add further leading brands including Aramex, PayTabs, Invoice Bazaar and Tacitus Advisors to the initiative. They join other top brands including Creative971, Automyze, G-TAG, Braincube, AEServer and Trade Licnese Zone to form this all-in-one solution for eCommerce businesses, both new and established. is the all-in-one solution for eCommerce startups in the UAE. Everything you need is covered in order to get your eCommerce venture off to a flying start.

eCommerce businesses have been a rapidly growing global phenomenon, so it’s no surprise it’s an extremely popular area for startups. Dubai and the UAE offer an exceptional value proposition for many business ventures, but especially eCommerce. The UAE is a location like no other, easily reached from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas; part of a well- connected logistics network, and with very favourable tax laws.

If you have an existing eCommerce business anywhere in the world it’s worth looking at how relocation to the UAE could take it to the next level.

Business ideas often don’t get off the ground due to problems pulling together the different areas needed for a complete business solution. eCommerce is no different – you need to consider appropriate licensing, the best shopfront, the most suitable logistics partners, payment and banking solutions, as well as VAT, tax and legal implications.

Karl Hougaard, Founder and Managing Partner of Trade License Zone:

"We are delighted with the addition of these leading brands and further enhancing the solution to our customers. We assist so many individuals with their licensing needs, which we complete within a day or two, quite often only to see them struggle for long periods to bring it all together and launch their business. It's no longer necessary as takes care of it all. You simply select the specialist service, and partner you need, and they will assist you with tailored solutions."

eCommerce entrepreneurs may have a great idea, or a perfect product line, or all the right contacts and suppliers – but give up due to red tape and uncertainty. It’s time to change this. With you’ll be able to drive your business with focus and precision from the start.

Whether you are just launching, looking to be more efficient operationally, or needing to better maximise your returns, has you covered with partnerships to all the providers you’ll need – all in one place.

Simply visit and select the service you need.