Sharjah: Sharjah Municipality on Tuesday announced on social media that motorists will be able to reserve parking space for more than one hour.

At present, motorists can use their etisalat or du registered mobile number to reserve parking space in Sharjah for only an hour, but soon they will be able to reserve parking space more than one hour. Motorists will receive a virtual permit via SMS and billed directly to their mobile phone bill in case of a post-paid mobile subscribers or the respective amount being deducted from the available credit for pre-paid mobile subscribers.

How do users use smsParking?

Sharjah Municipality have simplified the service, where etisalat and du users with UAE private plate numbers can use this service without registration. GCC countries and non-private plate numbers need to register with the smsParking service. As soon as the account is activated, a user can add multiple vehicles to his account for which he can pay the parking fees through the mobile by sending an SMS.

Also, registration is available for all UAE private and non-private plate numbers and GCC countries.

A pre-defined format is required to be sent to the number 5566 and motorist will receive the parking virtual permit details via SMS. Motorist will receive a Reminder message 10 minutes before the permit expires.

What are the terms of use for smsParking service?

1. smsParking service is available for etisalat and dU registered mobile numbers. If motorist has a pre-paid (i.e. Pay as you go) mobile number, then he should ensure having sufficient balance to purchase the virtual permit or else he will be receiving an error message highlighting “Transaction Failed”.

2. Users with non-private or GCC countries plate numbers needs to register in order to be able to use the smsParking service.

3. For a motorist to purchase a virtual permit using the mobile phone, he needs to send an SMS in the exact format as illustrated in the user guide below. Wrong message format will lead to rejection of the transaction.

4. User will be charged a transaction fee of 38 fils for each SMS sent to 5566.

5. Purchasing a parking ticket and extension is available only for one hour [ at present time ] and will be available for more than one hour soon. In case the user didn’t mention the one hour tariff, then the smsParking system will automatically calculate the same tariff (1 hour) as a default and the user will be charged accordingly.