190910 sharhah police
Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah Police have launched scooter patrols to enhance public safety and speed up response times.

The scooter patrols are battery operated and their movement is directly linked to the operations room through a device placed inside the riding officer’s helmet. The helmet also has a Go-Pro kind of camera that helps capture videos of the patrol.

The scooter is also provided with a first-aid kit.

Maj Gen Saif Ziri Al Shamsi, Sharjah Police Chief, said the patrols would aid response times and ensure security in the community.

Lt Col Ahmad Al Merri, Director of Community Police Department at Sharjah Police, briefed the police chief about the role of scooter patrols. He said the patrols can be used during community events, especially in tourist areas that are crowded during festivals or events to monitor safety and security. Also, officers on scooters can move easily and quickly through crowded and narrow places helping to monitor any negative incidents or behaviours, he said.