Smart initiative. Customers try out the new Adnoc Smart self-refuelling machine at a petrol station in the Al Mushrif area in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/XPRESS

ABU DHABI Adnoc has rolled out the first self-service fuel stations in Abu Dhabi on March 1. The pilot project called Adnoc Smart will run until October 1 at four service stations.

Here is everything you need to know about Adnoc Smart self-refuelling service.

What is Adnoc smart self-service?

Adnoc Smart is a new service that will allow customers to refuel their vehicles themselves and leave the service station without having to pay using cash or bank cards.

Which Adnoc stations have introduced this self service?

The four self-service stations are – Rabdan station in Al Mushrif Area on Sheilh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum street, Al Nasir Service Station located on Sheikh Zayed the First Street, Zafaranah Service station near Khalifa University and Al Qanah Station on Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street.

Who can use the self-refuelling service?

All individual customers can use self-service. For a faster service, customers should register for an Adnoc Wallet account on the Adnoc website. The smart payment method will allow customers to choose their payment method and manage their account from the internet or mobile phone. First time users should pre-charge the account with Dh200.

What are the payment options available through Adnoc Wallet?

Adnoc Wallet includes three payment methods: Smart Tag via a chip installed at the fuel inlet of the vehicles’ fuel tank and linked to the account, Adnoc Plus cards or via ID cards that are linked to the Adnoc account.

Can customers still pay by cash at the self-service stations?

Yes. Cash payment can be made through the smart cash payment machine installed on the fuelling islands and inside Adnoc Oasis stores. Payment through bank cards will also be acceptable.

Are there any incentives for customers who register for the Adnoc Smart service?

Complimentary Smart Tags will be offered to the first 5,000 customers opting for the service and register with Adnoc Wallet. Early customers will also have their Emirates ID cards linked to their Adnoc Wallet accounts and activated for free.

Where can customers physically register for Adnoc Wallet and Smart Tags?

There are six centres for registration. These include Al Dhafrah Service Station (930) on Airport Road, Khalifa City A Station (766), Global Centre (Daman Building) in Mussafah Area. Registrations can also be done at main lobby of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, and Adnoc Distribution headquarters. Rabdan Service Station in Al Mushrif Area is also offering registrations.

Will Adnoc provide assisted service during the pilot phase?

Yes. Adnoc service station employees will be ready to provide assistance to customers if needed.

How to use self-service using SMART Tag

Touch the EDS pad

Lift the nozzle of desired fuel grade

Lift the lever

Insert the fuel nozzle into the fuel inlet of the vehicle

The transaction will be authorized automatically with the SMART Tag

On completion of fuelling, lower the lever and return the nozzle back to its position.

Receipt can be printed from prompting option on the screen as per customer’s preference.