Abu Dhabi scaffolding
A scaffolding collapsed on Zayed the First Street in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Authorities in Abu Dhabi confirmed that no injuries were reported when a scaffolding collapsed on Sunday.

Broken scaffolding
A team of Abu Dhabi government departments, including police, rushed to the scaffolding accident. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi Municipality said that the Crisis Management Team, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Police, Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, and Department of Transport, replaced the broken scaffolding on Zayed the First Street.

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Scaffolding fixed
Traffic was temporarily stopped and the debris was removed throughout the day. Image Credit: Supplied

“[Authorities] responded to the scaffolding accident and the protective wall of a building that was being demolished. Traffic was temporarily stopped and the debris was removed. No injuries or damages to pedestrians and vehicles were reported,” said Abu Dhabi Municipality.

Scaffolding on the road
The scaffolding accident happened on Zayed the First Street, and was immediately addressed by authorities. Image Credit: Supplied

The fallen debris was removed and traffic movement was restored by the end of the day, after ensuring that security and safety requirements were in place.