Dubai: Pet owners living in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) will be subject to random spot checks as the development's owners clamp down on animals in the vicinity.

JBR officials say they won't "kick in doors and physically remove pets" but they are keeping an eye on residents with "nuisance animals".

Many dogs and cats are still living with their owners at JBR despite the deadline for their removal passing on July 1. Gulf News reported last month that many residents wouldn't give up their loved companions under any circumstances.

Jasem Al Ali, Executive Director of Salwan Property Management LLC, a subsidiary of Dubai Properties, told Gulf News on Tuesday the ban on pets at JBR still stood but there was no question of force being used to uphold the rules and regulations laid out in the constitution.

He said: "We are communicating with tenants who are not adhering to the constitution. If we receive a complaint about pets we refer the matter to the relevant authorities, including Dubai Municipality, who will then follow their own procedures.

"I would say about 90 per cent of people living in JBR don't want pets roaming around the vicinity. JBR isn't a good location for pets as it's nothing like living in a villa. It's a nuisance having dogs in elevators, lobbies and public access areas.

"Dubai Municipality is carrying out random spot checks in the development's public areas to make sure nobody is breaking the rules. We receive complaints about pets on a daily basis, particularly dogs. Our main concern is some dogs have the potential to harm other people and others are very noisy and keep residents awake."

Many people living in JBR claim there was no pet clause in the tenancy contracts they signed. But Dubai Properties say the constitution has always stated that pets aren't allowed on the premises.

Al Ali added: "We are not going to knock anybody's door down and drag their pet away. We are communicating with residents as well as working with animal welfare companies to find a solution that suits everyone.

"I am interested in conducting an open forum with several media outlets to help clarify the rumours that continue to plague this issue.

"I've heard nonsense such as we will take people's pets away and kill them, which is obviously ridiculous. No pets are allowed but we are dealing with this issue in a professional and reasonable manner."