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RTA's Ramadan initiative Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Various charitable initiatives organised by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have served at least 20,810 individuals and 20,400 families during Ramadan.

The RTA said in a statement on Friday that beneficiaries included senior Emiratis, senior residents, drivers, female drivers and families of RTA employees.

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RTA Ramadan initiative

“These initiatives have translated to RTA’s commitment to boost its social responsibility,” said Rowdah Al Mehrizi, RTA director of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector.

One initiative was “RTA’s Meals on Wheel’s that has been carried out for nine years in a row. This year, the RTA distributed Iftar meals to frontline workers, including 13,500 cleaners and security personnel at Latifa and Rashid Hospitals and the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.

The RTA also supported the ’10 Million Meals Campaign’ by allocating 30 taxis to deliver food baskets to over 20,000 fixed-income families in collaboration with the International Humanitarian and Charity Organization.

Also, the RTA Women’s Committee teamed with Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) in distributing to 210 female taxi drivers Ramadan rations, which were offered in the form of topped-up Nol cards that could be used for purchases.

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Iftar meals for distribution

DTC likewise delivered 4,800 daily iftar meals to taxi drivers’ accommodation at Al Muhaisnah, Al Quoz and Jebal Ali. Food baskets were also given to 200 resident families of drivers.

Moreover, around 500 senior Emiratis in Dubai and Hatta benefited from the support provided on Zayed Humanitarian Day through credits in Nol cards distributed to them in coordination with the Community Development Authority.

Al Mehrizi noted: “Our volunteers supervised the distribution of meals to those in the frontline, and nol cards to senior Emiratis in several areas despite fasting and outbreak of the virus.”

“The volunteers were driven by humanitarian duties and they were also educated about the need to observe physical distancing and avoid contacting, and were supplied with all preventive equipment while doing their duties,” she added.