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Using Artificial Intelligence and smart applications, 'Sharjah Smart Parking' will allow residents to identify and reserve spaces in censored parking lots through their phones. Image Credit: Gulf News

SHARJAH Sharjah’s parking management system will now employ Artificial Intelligence to provide parking spots that could be booked through mobile phones.

The project will initially kick off as a three-month pilot programme to measure success and ease of usage before being widely rolled out across parking lots in Sharjah.

The new smart parking solution is the result of a collaboration between Sharjah City Municipality and EVOTEQ. As part of their agreement, both entities will be exploring smart transport platform solutions for driver behaviour, traffic congestion and parking.

Special categories

Utilising Artificial Intelligence and smart applications, “Sharjah Smart Parking” will allow residents to identify and reserve spaces in censored parking lots through their phones. Parking spaces will be classified with special categories such as VIP spaces. The project will also be introducing ‘Priority Parking’ for urgent parking for the first time ever in Sharjah. Payment for “Priority Parking” will be set to encourage drivers to use these spaces responsibly and only in relevant cases.

Thabit Salim Al Turaifi, director general of Sharjah Municipality, stressed the municipality’s keenness to enhance its offerings and services according to the highest standards through digital transformation. He confirmed that this will help provide easy and efficient services.

The collaboration between the municipality and EVOTEQ ensures that the SCM provides smart offerings and continues to launch technologically advanced services to reaffirm its position as an entity that keeps abreast of technological advancements and digital transformation,

“EVOTEQ is honoured to partner with Sharjah City Municipality to provide its leading expertise in digital transformation and new ICT technology,” said Jihad Tayara, CEO of EVOTEQ. “As a trusted partner, we are developing solutions that will establish Sharjah as a leading digital economy and smart city. At the same time, we will be improving the quality and efficiency of systems to benefit the everyday lives of residents. A major part of that will be how we are reimagining the future of Sharjah’s transport management and catalysing new technologies to facilitate improvement.”