AL AIN: Tawam Hospital, one of the UAE’s largest healthcare institutions, has launched a nationwide awareness drive to shed light on psoriasis.

Senior officials of the hospital highlighted the issues patients diagnosed with the skin condition face, and the need for society to address the disease as a collective concern.

Dr Fatima Saleh Albreiki, consultant dermatologist at Tawam Hospital, said: “Psoriasis is an increasingly common noncommunicable inflammatory skin disease that carries great stigma. The condition can greatly impact patients’ quality of life and implicate great physical, emotional and social burden. This is not just a simple cosmetic problem, but one that impacts every aspect of a patient’s life. There is a common misperception that skin diseases are somehow less serious than other medical illnesses. This can be attributed to the fact that skin disorders are often chronic but not life-threatening, so the perceived impact on the patient is more likely to be minimised in the minds of health professionals, policy makers and the general public.”