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The Indian-born winner of the EQC Mercedes has been a resident of the UAE since 1977. However, he had never won a single prize in his 45 years of stay in the country. As someone who had started saving with National Bonds in its launch year itself, in 2007, his aim was to primarily save wisely. “You never know what kind of time can come upon you,” he says. “Saving is a must. I insist on this with my children and family. Just an evening before the draw I had topped up my savings. We have had manifold returns for our trust and I am grateful for the win.”

National Bonds has been the region’s most favourite and trusted scheme when it comes to savings. Huzefa Noor is the guardian of two accounts that he holds for his daughters. His initial response on receiving the call from National Bonds was that it might be a prank. “I have never won anything, so you really can’t blame me for thinking that someone was fooling around with me. It’s a C-Class Mercedes and my savings have reached 40x!

“I have been saving since 2016 and made a conscious effort to top up my savings after a long time during the campaign and won! I am grateful to my relationship manager from National Bonds who always guides me on what would be the best for my savings. I feel that National Bonds is one of the safest schemes around. You could lose funds if you invest in stocks or other bonds. But with National Bonds you maintain your savings, never lose anything plus there is the bonus of winning on its on-going campaigns. I have often recommended it to my colleagues and friends so that they can save their money effectively.”

Dutch-born Arno Osinga did a 30 per cent top-up and maintained his balance with the Multiplier and reached 16x. He won a C-Class Mercedes. “I am ecstatic,” says Osinga. “This is unbelievable. I had been saving small amounts regularly since 2019 but the intention was purely to save. I topped up my savings when I heard about the campaign but did not think much of it. The win was a welcome plus.

“With the way bank rates are these days, National Bonds is a secure way of saving. It is a chance of having something in return with no fear of loss or depletion. Be smart with your savings, make a choice that works in your favour. I have been in the UAE for six years now, never won anything, so this win is surely a celebration – a great way to start the year.”

In addition to the three Mercedes cars, this year the Dh35-million Rewards Programme offered increased chances to win one Nissan Patrol as well as three Teslas.