DUBAI: A kilo of excess body weight lost equals a kilo of free food distributed - that’s how a month-long campaign recently launched by wellness player VLCC in conjunction with the Emirates Red Crescent is challenging people in the region to reduce their weight and feed the hungry in the process.

“For every 1kg you shed during this anti-obesity drive in VLCC’s centres, the company donates on your behalf a kilo of food for the poor and the hungry that Red Crescent takes care of,” said Sanjeev Setia, VLCC’s chief business officer Middle East.

“We’re now set to give 1,500kg of food packets to the Red Crescent in lieu of the 1,500 kilos of excess weight so far lost in our GCC centres in the initial 20 days of the drive. We expect to donate about two tonnes when we’re done with the campaign,” he added.

“Donate Your Weight”, the 30-day campaign, coincides with a one-month anti-obesity drive of VLCC going on in 13 countries, where the company has a presence. The initiative has been organised with the active involvement of the medical fraternity. Its objective is to create awareness about the ill-effects of obesity and guide people to lead a healthy life.

“It is high time that we showed a commitment to healthy lifestyle habits,” said Vandana Luthra, VLCC founder & co-chairperson.