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Gulf New subscriber Meiyappan Palaniappan, who won 100,000 Etihad Guest Miles, with his wife Selvi, son Karthik and daughter Lobha Image Credit:

Dubai: The first call Meiyappan Palaniappan, an Indian expat in Dubai, got on Monday morning was special – he had won ‘100,000 Etihad Guest Miles’ as a Gulf News subscriber.

This was the first time he had won any raffle and wanted the good news to sink in before sharing it with his family.

Palaniappan, 49, from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is the fourth weekly winner of the guest miles as part of the Gulf News subscription promotion ‘Reading Just Got More Rewarding’ launched on February 14.

Weekly winners

Every Monday for 11 weeks, one winner will receive 100,000 Etihad Guest Miles, aside from the grand prizes that will see one lucky subscriber win 500,000 miles and two others win 250,000 miles each.

The guest miles can be used for travel and other benefits, including lounge access, excess baggage allowance and much more. They are one of the major promotional offers that come along with the annual subscription of the newspaper for just Dh500.

On Monday, Palaniappan, who works for Expo 2020 Dubai, had just finished his regular morning office meetings when the call came in.

“I still can’t believe I won; I’m very happy, obviously,” he said at noontime.

Off to America?

Palaniappan, who has been subscribing to Gulf News for over 10 years, said he will use the complementary miles to fly to Florida if his son Karthik is selected to play a match there in April as part of the UAE cricket team.

“So this win has come really handy for me. I’m so excited and feel like I want to validate the great news again.”

Palaniappan had been aware of the subscription offer but had already decided to subscribe (around 10 days ago) and gave no thought to the prospect of winning.

Leisurely read

“Gulf News gets delivered to my doorstep between 3am and 3.30am every morning, which is amazing, and the first thing I do when I wake up is get the paper and skim the headlines. I then read the paper at leisure with my cup of coffee later,” said Palaniappan, who has been living in the UAE for around 14 years now.

“I’m happy to be a subscriber of Gulf News and really excited to get my prize. I love the Business section of the paper, primarily, as well as Sports, but also in general I like Gulf News over any other newspaper. The size is handy and it gives me the recent happenings in the UAE and the region. The articles from [Chief Cricket Writer] K.R. Nayar are something I always look out for.”

Palaniappan lives in Dubai with his wife Selvi, son Karthik and daughter Lobha.