Abu Dhabi: Nine baby girls were born on Eid Al Adha, with the first baby, Clarice, described by her mother as 'precious and unique' for coming into this world in a festive month, born at 14 minutes past midnight.

Clarice Gilbert Jean weighs 3.415 kilos. "I was supposed to deliver on December 12, but I guess Clarice wanted to be born on Eid," said her mother.

"I have three other girls; the eldest is very quiet and was also born in December. I feel Clarice will be similar in character to her sister, since they were born in the same month," said Layla Riad, the delighted mother.

The second baby was born at 2:20 am, and weighed 3.585 kilos. Emirati baby Salama Al Katheri is the fifth child and the fourth girl in her family. The pregnancy was described by her mother as “very tiring and painful'', but described Salama as healthy and beautiful.

Baby number three, Khadija Mohamad Sherif, Indian, was born at 3:12am, weighs 3.650 kilograms. "God sent us Khadija as a gift. She was born on such a blessed day as Eid. We will have a celebration and invite our friends and relatives. As per tradition, the baby's head will be shaved after her birth," said excited father Mohammad Sherif.

Salama Al Romaithi, baby number four, weighs 3.345 kilograms and is the second girl in the family. She was born at 6:56am. Her mother feared that her other baby, 18-month-old baby girl, would be jealous of her newly-born sister.

Doha Mostafa, the fifth baby was born at 7:26am. The name Doha was chosen by her parents since she was born on a blessed day. Doha weighs 3.120 kilograms and is of Arab origin and a Canadian citizen. She is the sixth child in the family and the fourth baby girl.

Eid babies
00:14 am, girl, Layla Riad, mother, Lebanese
00:17 am, Nour Thaer Mahmoud, mother, Iraqi
00:59 am, Nafisa Al Tayeb, mother, Sudanese 02:20 am, Asraar Al Khadher, mother, Emirati
03:12 am, Malika Banu, mother, Indian
06:35 am, Juvelin Orilla, mother, Filipina
06:56 am, Nashwa Al Qubaisi, mother, Emirati
07:26 am, Entissar Sharakh, mother, Canadian
08:19 am, Saba Jahan, mother, Pakistani