Blood donation
File photo for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: The ‘My Blood for My Country’ campaign run by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has returned to Global Village.

This time, DHA is stationing the mobile blood donation centre at the popular family destination until the end of its current season.

Also known as ‘Dami Le Watani’ in Arabic, the campaign aims to educate and raise awareness about the importance of donating blood — as one blood unit can save up to three lives. It aims to boost the number of donors in the country, especially among the youth.

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Donation days

During this season of Global Village, visitors can donate blood every Monday and Wednesday, DHA tweeted.

The community blood donation camp will be held from 4pm to 10pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Donors can visit the blood donation centre station next to the main stage at Global Village.

Donation drives are needed regularly to help replenish the supply for those in need. The new blood donation drive supported by Global Village aims to bring members of the community together for a good cause.