"Implement safety measures when it comes to hygiene"

Dr Wafaa Faysal

While it’s important to send children back to school, how can schools prevent risks?

It is very important to start welcoming the school year cheerfully as the school is going to be the other home for your child where he can learn and interact. We know that the situation is better now thankfully when it comes to the pandemic but schools should always keep the safety measures when it comes to the health of the children. The school management should be strict about immunization records for all the kids and staff before joining, making sure they are up to date with their vaccinations, they should also implement safety measures when it comes to hygiene, continuous cleaning and to follow the recommendations of the health authorities in the country.

How should physicians address parental concerns about return to school?

It is really important to the child to be checked by his paediatrician who will examine the child and probably ask for a vision check-up or dental check-up as per the guidelines and as required, also the paediatrician will give the necessary vaccinations including the influenza vaccine. When it comes to parents concerns, the paediatrician can answer all their questions and give proper advice.

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"Update vaccinations and receive the yearly influenza vaccine”

Dr Abeer Alkhalafawi

What is the latest information about Covid-19 transmission among children?

The new variants of Covid-19 are highly transmissible more than the old ones. However, the rate of virus transmission is less from child to child than child to adult. The severity of the disease symptoms of the new variants are less compared to the old ones, and they are mainly fever, sore throat, fatigue and cough.

Apart from Covid, what kind of ailments should parents and schools be cautious about?

During the school year, there are other viruses that may be transmitted such as influenza, children pox, and coxsackie. It is very important to have the child stay at home if sick and to visit the paediatrician before joining the school. As part of the protocol for back to school for children, the following is needed:

* Update vaccinations and receive the yearly influenza vaccine.

* Good hygiene practice in school is mandatory.

* Send a sick child back home.

Tell us about the back to school check-up programme offered by Medcare? Who should book this check-up?

Medcare Women & Children Hospital and Medcare Medical Centres are offering an amazing Back-to-School Check-up Programme that includes a consultation with the paediatrician to identify any health issue that may affect the child (3-14 years old) and essential laboratory tests that are usually not covered by insurance companies such as iron, vitamin D and B12 deficiencies, and calcium in addition to a complete blood count test. These tests do not require any preparation beforehand, the child can come and do them right away.

We are also offering the flu vaccine as part of the Back-to-School Programme.

If you’d like to know more about the Back-To School Health Check-up Programme, you can visit our website medcare.ae.