Abu Dhabi: Doctors warn that jogging on concrete surfaces leads to approximately 25 per cent of patients being treated at a new designated sports injury unit in the capital.

During an opening ceremony for a new orthopaedic and sports injury centre at Lifeline Hospital last Wednesday, a number of Pakistani cricket players arrived to the centre to help encourage the public to stay fit, healthy and use caution when enjoying a sport.

Speaking about sports injuries, consultant orthopaedics Dr Ammar Butt warned that people should practice their sports either on grass or clay to prevent knee injuries, and to select the proper sports shoes carefully in order to avoid foot injuries, pain and lower limb complications that constitute approximately 20 per cent of orthopedic patients in the capital.

"The type of shoes a person wears should differ in accordance with the sport.

There's a sports shoe for tennis, jogging and cricket. Also don't buy cheap sports shoes, they are extremely unhealthy," said Dr Butt.

He said knee injuries constitute up to 32 per cent of sports injuries among 16 to 30 year old patients with only 15 per cent of cases corrected through rehabilitation and the rest requiring surgical procedures.

Pre-match warm-ups are also vital before an exercise in order to stretch one's muscles and avoid injury. It helps relax the muscles.

"People can practice outdoor sports during hot and humid weather conditions unlike what they think, but need to practice caution and stick to the proper hydration methods by drinking an adequate amount of water and using clay or grass grounds/surfaces," said the doctor. He advised people to practice any type of sport whether indoor or outdoor at least two to three times a week to stay fit.

When doctors spoke to the cricket players about their various injuries, they said that they are mostly knee, back and shoulder related injuries, not only due to strain caused in practicing their sport, but also due to travelling too much.

Dr Butt said it is good to move about when travelling for long hours, and to do exercises of the hands and feet when sitting for a long time.

The unit has also been introduced in relation to the high incidence of diabetes and obesity and all their complications according to Lifeline Managing Director Dr Shamsheer V.P.