Vantage Security's temperature screening solutions Image Credit: Supplied

Fever detection is the first line of defense in managing the spread of coronavirus infection and identifying symptomatic people. The latest advancements in thermal imaging and IR-based temperature measurement technologies have proven to be the most effective solutions to fight the infection.

Vantage Security, a 30-year-old UK-based company, has been at the forefront of bringing these products to over 45 countries worldwide, with a comprehensive line-up of products to suit all applications — whether it is a busy airport, school, retail outlet, factory or corporate office. In the thermal temperature detection camera range, Vantage has multiple models depending on the flow of traffic at the location, with the industry’s best resolution that can detect live temperature for up to 25 people when they pass by the camera. With advanced AI-based face recognition and data archiving for easy management, these solutions generate real-time alerts when someone with higher than normal body temperature is detected, allowing authorities to take immediate follow up action.

Prateek Verma, Sales Director, MEA Region, Vantage Image Credit: Supplied

Vantage also offers a range of temperature detecting face recognition terminals, which can be used as contactless time and attendance and access control devices, and have features like alert for fever, mask detection and access denial, if the mask is not worn. Detailed reporting of daily temperature and other attendance-related reports for up to 20,000 registered users can be carried out. These solutions can also be used for temperature detection in non-registered users/guests.

Another range of products from Vantage uses infrared (IR) technology to detect fever. It has a unique door frame model that comes with management software for log reporting. Along with detecting metal objects, it also has IR temperature detecting sensors, which accurately measure the temperature of a person’s forehead while they pass by. Vantage also offers high quality handheld IR thermometers available for smaller premises. Professional installation services can also be offered and all its products boast globally-accredited certifications such as CE, EN, UL and RoHS.

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