Abu Dhabi: The Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) is reshaping its organisational structure as it moves into the second phase of implementing the ambitious vision for the future health system of the emirate.

With around 215 employees, the regulatory organisation is now being modelled around its three main business areas led by its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the HAAD's former Director of Health Policy & Regulation, Zaid Al Siksek.

Al Siksek was appointed two weeks ago by Dr Ahmad Mubarak Al Mazroui, Chairman of the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and member of Abu Dhabi's Executive Council.

"Now that we have created SEHA, the holding company for all public sector hospitals and other healthcare facilities, the Health Authority can focus on its core business, which is regulating the health system of the emirate," said Al Siksek.

The three main divisions comprise Policy & Public Health (PPH), Health System Regulation (HSR), and Health System Compliance (HSC).

This structure is complemented by a Performance Management & Operations Division (PMO), as well as departments for Corporate Finance, Support Services, Quality & Customer Care, and Strategy.

"With the new structure we will be optimally set up to fulfil the needs of our customers and to ensure the safety of all patients in the health system of the emirate of Abu Dhabi," said Al Siksek.