ESMA carries out a control campaign on pharmacies and medical instruments centers. Image Credit: ESMA

Dubai: The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (Esma) recently recorded eight violations related to 30 blood pressure, temperature and diabetes devices in four pharmacies. All of them received a preliminary warning.

The violations were recorded during an inspection campaign that covers a group of pharmacies and medical equipment sales centres in Dubai among other establishments.

The campaign aims to ensure that medical instruments conform to UAE technical regulations.

The campaign included the inspection of blood pressure devices, thermometers, blood glucometers and syringes. In addition to pharmacies, distributors, suppliers and warehouses selling medical instruments were also inspected along with clinics and medical centres.

Amina Zainal, director of Esma’s metrology department, said the inspection campaigns are ongoing throughout the year for auditing the quality of compliance with the requirements of Technical Regulation No 2 of 2012 for measuring medical instruments.