HATTA: Hatta Wadi Hub and Resorts will close for the duration of the summer from May 4 to October 1, Meeras has announced.

Hatta Resorts, popular for its glamping trailers and eco-friendly mountain lodges, is a huge hit with the region’s outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers and intrepid travellers seeking something authentically Emirati.

The projects aim to enhance the position of Hatta as a leading ecotourism destination in the UAE, create jobs for its residents and seek to bring investments to the area.

In its first six-month season, the three distinctive accommodations at Meraas’ Hatta project (Hatta Sedr Trailers Resort, Hatta Damani Lodges Resort and Hatta Caravan Park), and Hatta Wadi Hub have recorded great success. More than 150,000 visitors comprising more than 75 nationalities visited the place.