DUBAI: The Emirates Human Rights Association (EHRA) has praised the issuing of a pardon by President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Abdul Rahman Bin Subaih Al Suwaidi, an Emirati who was convicted in the “Muslim Brotherhood secret organisation” case.

Al Suwaidi recently withdrew his Bay’ah (Oath of allegiance) to the group and renewed his loyalty to the President.

“The association commends this fatherly decision by Shaikh Khalifa, which reflects the values of mercy. The decision coincides with the Year of Tolerance and is imbued with the meanings of forgiveness, mercy, tolerance, fatherly kindness and empathy towards those who err and regret their taking the wrong path,” the EHRA’s statement said.

EHRA also said that the President’s decision embodies the close ties within the Emirati community and shows the bonds between the leadership and the people.

“The decision asserts the highest principles of humanity which grant those who break laws the opportunity to correct their mistakes and to rejoin their community as productive members who contribute to its development and growth.”

EHRA also noted that tolerance and forgiveness are key pillars for the UAE.

“The UAE has always forgiven the wrongdoers who admit their mistakes and correct their approach and thought. Forgiveness is granted to anyone who believes in national principles, defend the country’s interest and abandon devious thought.”

The UAE is keen to accept its citizens who correct their act, return to the right path and show their recognition of the Muslim Brotherhood’s sinister plots against the UAE and its interests.”

Lawyers and legal experts have also praised Shaikh Khalifa’s decision.

Wedad Bu Humaid, Vice-President of Emirates Human Rights Association, said: “Shaikh Khalifa’s decision comes to support the principles of tolerance, harmony and affection, which have always been key pillars of the country’s policies and way of life since its establishment. The decision comes also in line with the UAE’s authentic values to pardon whoever deviates from the correct path but comes back again to the right track.

“Tolerance is one of the key features that makes our wise leadership special. The UAE leadership does always pardon whoever admits to his mistakes and better return on self-awareness. This once again reaffirms that amnesty is always there for those who recommit themselves to faithfully serve the nation and dump all misleading and deconstructive ideas” she added.

Nasser Al Osaiba, member of the EHRA board of directors said: “Shaikh Khalifa’s decision will spread and promote principles of love, amnesty and tolerance, which the UAE embrace and seek to weave into the fabric of the society. The decision also shows how much the leadership is keen to take into account the humanitarian aspect when dealing with all members of the society”.