Illegal clothes in Sharjah
Sharjah Municipality confiscated 3.5 tonnes of clothes that were intended to be sold at a random market. Image Credit: Sharjah

Sharjah: A raid carried out in Sharjah city led to the confiscation of 3.5 tonnes of used clothes and a large quantity of prohibited items, including contraband cigarettes.

Sharjah Municipality said it carried out a raid on Tuesday morning at a worker’s accommodation when authorities found the illegal merchandise and goods hidden away inside a vehicle.

Seized used clothes in Sharjah
Sharjah Municipality raided a worker’s accommodation on Tuesday morning when they discovered the prohibited items. Image Credit: Supplied

Khalifa Al Suwaidi, head of the municipal inspection team, said the workers intended to transport the items to a warehouse and then sell the old clothes at a pop-up market. Markets in the UAE are required to operate under a permit and adhere to strict healthy and safety standards.

Prohibited goods

Al Suwaidi said the municipality took immediate action against the owner of the worker’s accommodation and the people involved in the distribution of the items.

“All seized goods will be destroyed accordingly in cooperation with the Sharjah Environment Company Bee’ah,” he said.

“The municipality carries out sudden inspections in various parts of the emirate to ensure that all rules are followed.”

The Municipality of Sharjah City urged members of the community to report any violations they may come across via the municipality’s call centre on 993, in addition to providing feedback and suggestions.

Last April, Sharjah Municipality confiscated 275 bicycles as part of a three-day campaign to maintain the cleanliness of the emirate.

Municipal inspectors said they targeted bicycles that were chained to light poles and signs boards along main roads after midnight.