Dubai: Parents, beware of unsafe candy in the market.

Authorities have issued a warning against sweets packaged in harmful containers.

Candy in glass lightbulbs, chewing gum in toothpaste-like tubes and juice in plastic syringes are the top three candy products that have been banned in the market and found to have been distributed in unlicensed shops.

Dubai Municipality issued a public notice on Monday, advising parents not to purchase any types of candy that are packed in life-like objects as they can encourage children to pick up unhealthy habits, in addition to posing as a health risk.

According to the circular “it is strictly prohibited to package sweets in medical-shaped equipment, such as in creams or medical tubes, or in objects that are made from hazardous materials.”

While authorities have not raised safety concerns over candy packaged in toy lightbulbs – that are made of plastic – the municipality has warned against such toys that are made of thin glass, as it may not only be bitten into, but may also confuse children into shattering real lightbulbs and eat the contents.

Food safety officials carry out regular inspections across the emirate to ensure that all food and beverages are sold in accordance with Dubai Municipality’s rules, which lie in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

One of the candy items specifically mentioned in the circular were plastic syringes that contained juice, as “children might use the real objects and confuse it for a toy.”

The statement further said: “Food and beverages can be attractively packages to attract attention, but should be contained in materials that are suitable for storage, and that can be reheated either in microwaves or ovens.”

Cigarette-shaped sweets were also a major concern for health and safety officials, according to the circular, as such types of sweets can encourage children to pick up the habit of smoking.