Dubai: A series of comics issued by the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) will help children of determination broaden their knowledge, enhance their empowerment and self-confidence, propping up their defences against possible abuse in daily lives.

The comics include a collection of photos, which reflect real situations that can happen to the children of determination or they might face during their daily lives, threaten them physically, sexually or emotionally.

Educating these children in a simple way about the threats they may face, the comics also teach them how to deal with these cases and report about them.

Wafa Hamad Bin Sulaiman, Director of Welfare and Rehabilitation of People of Determination in the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD), stated that a training programme that will be presented by the Department of Welfare and Rehabilitation for People of Determination for all social workers and psychology staff of the people of determination centres on the mechanisms of presenting these comics to children, discussing and interacting with them the possible abuse scenarios they may be exposed to.

The comics will also allow the specialists to identify any forms of abuse that may occur to the children of determination through their emotional expression symbolised with cartoon characters in the comic books. The department will also tailor individual therapeutic programmes for abused children to help them overcome their long-term psychological and emotional impact and reintegrate them in the community life with other individuals.

Covering 15 ideas in different environments such as home, school, club, the comics series highlights interactions with multiple people like the driver, maid, grocery owner, care provider etc.