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Up to three billion people, or around 40 per cent of the world’s population cannot afford a healthy diet, according to the United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), which has designated October 16 as World Food Day.

Celebrated annually, World Food Day promotes collective action towards eradicating hunger and malnutrition, reducing food waste and encouraging healthy eating habits. This year’s theme is, Our actions, our future - Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life.

FreshToHome: Bringing positive changes in food systems, a leading e-grocery in the UAE, is using technology to revolutionise the way fresh produce is sourced. The e-grocery connects local farmers and fishermen directly to the cold chain system within minutes of the food being harvested or caught.

“Using algorithms to forecast consumer supply and demand has led to the rise of just-in-time logistics and farming which in turn ensures continuous availability, improves quality, reduces waste and improves overall unit economics,” explains Arun Kumar Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer, FreshToHome.

This means less wastage as the food is kept fresh and the nutritional quality is maintained. With predictive planning, the fishermen and farmers can harvest according to market needs, receive a fair remuneration and lower the impact on the environment.

To promote healthy eating among consumers, FreshToHome offers products that are 100% clean label, made with a few, easily identifiable ingredients, and free of all chemicals, preservatives, antibiotic residues and food additives.

“These days consumers are not only looking for food that is high-quality and nutritious but are also using their purchasing power to shop with brands like FreshToHome that support the sustainable growth of independent and medium size suppliers. This has a direct and positive economic impact on communities both locally and worldwide,” says Anushé Ramzi, Head of Marketing and Communications at FreshToHome.

FreshToHome has also partnered with UAE-based organisations to distribute excess food to avoid waste, while following strict health and safety guidelines.

Ready for a taste of change? Here’s what you can do!

As a consumer, you not only have the power to make better food choices for yourself and your family but can also take steps towards achieving a more sustainable food system:

- Support companies and initiatives committed to sustainable, ethical food sourcing and manufacturing.

- Consider how you purchase, use and even discard food to see if you can waste less of the planet’s precious resources.

- Save water from rinsing or cooking vegetables to water your pot plants or garden.

- No plants? Time to get one!

- Choose health at every step of the food system. Start with yours! Protect it by choosing a balanced diet of diverse and nutritious foods. This will not only benefit your physical and mental health but also support biodiversity.

On World Food Day 2021, and every day after, focus on doing your part to help achieve a system that ensures sufficient nutritious and safe food is made available at affordable prices to everyone and for generations to come.