DUBAI: The General Headquarters of Dubai Police, represented by the Essad Card Committee, has taken the pledge to sponsor all healthcare and treatment expenses of a former employee and three of his sons suffering from chronic diabetes.

“This humanitarian gesture falls within Dubai Police’s keenness to spread happiness among members of the society, and attend to people’s needs, especially in the two key pillars of health and education.” Mna Al Ameri, Chairperson of Esaad Card Committee, said.

Hanaa Taiseer, Head of the Health Sector of Essad Card Committee, said the health insuarnce of the 75-year-old former employeeand that of his sons had expired. Therefore, Dubai Police in collaboration with Emirates Specialty Hospital, is providing them with free treatment and care,,”

The healthcare coverage includes free medical consultations, blood and diabetes tests, follow up with nutritionists and provision of necessary medicines.